Dr. Jekyll’s Lab – PRE NOX8

Focus, concentrate & rage hard!

Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab PRE NOX8 is a product developed for the hard-training athletes – just like you, for whom the average workout makes no sense. With JEKYLL’S PRE you will go all out your training, taking more from each rep than ever before! By developing JEKYLL’S PRE , we wanted to produce something which could allow you to maximize motor features, focus and concentration during a workout. With us you will have no trouble in adapting to even most hardcore workouts and you will always be able to give your best.

Dr. JEKYLL'S PRE NOX8 contains proven and tested active substances, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts which through their synergistic action will change you into an unstoppable machine. Do you want to become a true JEKYLL'S? Without Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab PRE NOX8 you will be left behind, can you afford it?

  • Stimulates muscles and nervous system to work at their full capacity
  • Ensures incredible muscle pump
  • Improves the buffering capacity
  • Supports concentration
Dr. Jekyll’s Lab – Crea QX4

Be hammer! Be strong!

Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab CREA QX4 is an extremely effective Creatine stack with the 4 most advanced forms of this substance. Appropriate supplementation will allow you to increase the supply of creatine phosphate in your muscles, which in turn will translate into your results related to strength. We know that you are the alpha and strength is of paramount importance. Especially for you, we have used only the most proven formulas which will guarantee multidimensional absorption and enhanced bioavailability. It makes no sense to reach for other preparations if you have JEKYLL’S CREA. There are two kinds of people – hammers and nails – the questions are; who hammers who is? and who are you?

Dr. Jekyll’s Lab – amino phase 9.7

Work hard & wise! Regenerate!

Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab AMINo PHASE 9,7 is a complete amino acid product, required for a true JEKYLL’S post-workout regeneration. Work hard and wise! Only this approach will allow you to achieve everything! We know that you will do everything to achieve your goals- we would like to be a part of your success, providing you with the best post-regeneration tool. Dr. JEKYLL ’S Lab AMINO PHASE 9.7 will deliver appropriate dose of exogenous and endogenous amino acids enriched with a strong anti-catabolic – HMB, glutamine, BCAA, beta-alanine and tyrosine to your diet. Due to a high dose of tyrosine JEKYLL ’S AMINO will ensure the right attitude typical for any alpha male. Do not stay behind, become one of us and enjoy every second of your life!

  • Supports regeneration processes in the body
  • Supports anabolic processes and growth/protection of muscle tissue
  • Has anti-catabolic action
  • Contains the most optimal source of amino acids
  • Has high BV index
  • Enforced with HMB
  • Contains beta-alanine, glutamine, tyrosine and BCAA
Dr. Jekyll’s Lab – BCAA 10:1:1


Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab BCAA 10:1:1 is the most proven, tested and active supplement in a new and improved advanced form. By increasing the supply of leucine per serving, JEKYLL’S BCAA 10:1:1 delivers the largest amount of this very important component to your body. Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab BCAA 101:1 is one of the few BCAA products which is not a partial solution - you will get the best proportions of branched-chain amino acids.

Dr. Jekyll’s Lab – MASS BOLIC 70

Become huge & Fearsome!

Each Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab® wants to be huge – we simply like to manifest our ego and attitude to life. We know that you are interested Bulk and Gain, you want to hear flagstones cracking due to your weight, see the look of the weaker ones who do not understand your sacrifice, dedication and devotion. Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab® MASS BOLIC 70 you will satisfy your constant hunger, provide necessary doses of high-quality protein and carbohydrates as well as substances whose lack will heavily hinder the growth of mass and strength. We are the experts and we know that GREATER STRENGTH and BETTER REGENERATION = GREATER MASS. This is why we added creatine and L-glutamine to our mix.

Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab MASS BOLIC70 is universal tool to build a huge muscle mass! manifest your ego, reach for Jekyll’s MASS BOLIC 70 and become one of us!

  • 30 g of complete protein in 100g of the product
  • 61 g of high-quality carbohydrates in 100g of the product
  • Contains the addition of creatine
  • Contains L-glutamine
  • Supports building muscle mass
Dr. Jekyll’s Lab – Whey pro 2

Feed & grow!

IF YOU ARE ONE OF US, you should know since a long time that without good protein you will not get far. Dr. JEKYLL’S WHEY PRO2 workouts and obstacles in every-day life require certain amount of material for your muscles, the best-quality whey protein concentrate is a perfect source! High index BV, complete amino acid profile and delicious taste - this is what you need in your daily diet! Reach for Dr. JEKYLL’S Lab ®WHEY PRO2.